Guzi-West Inspection and Consulting, LLC

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5200 Industrial Way, Suite F, Anderson, CA 96007
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Guzi-West Inspection and Consulting, LLC (Guzi-West) is a firm specializing in conducting hazardous material investigations including, but not limited to, asbestoslead-based paint, contaminated soilsnaturally occurring asbestos (NOA)moldmethamphetaminecontaminants associated with illegal marijuana growssilicapolychlorinated-biphenyls (PCBs)smoke damagewaste characterization and bacteria.

Our team also frequently prepares abatement specifications, compliance plans, operations and maintenance plans, oversees subsequent abatement work, and performs project clearances to verify scope of work has been correctly completed. The Guzi-West team has 30+ years of experience in hazardous material consulting and have a range of state and federal certifications including Certified Asbestos Consultants (CAC), Certified Site Surveillance Technicians (CSST), CDPH Certified Lead Inspector/Assessors, CDPH Certified Lead Sampling Technicians, Certified NIOSH 582 eq., Certified IAQA Mold Assessment Professionals, and Certified Radon Measurement Professionals. In addition, all Guzi-West field staff are 40-hour Hazwoper Certified. Our goal is to offer quality technical consulting services and simple solutions to complex problems.